Bone non-mineralization or bone demineralization is a general concept.

Bone loss may be due to many bone diseases. Osteoporosis is one of the most common in the world – besides – one of the most known and studied by scientists.

We will show – in this new chapter – some of these different pathologies and the way we have chosen to deal them with.

Our experience of natural coral started now more than 25 years ago. Since 1986, we have treated more than 150 cases in different applications such as bone tumours, fractures, non-union etc…

The natural biomaterial – germ free and pure mineral is acting likely an autologus bone graft. All of our patients were treated with the same biomaterial and the same surgical technique.

For some of them, we have more than ten years of follow-up. All were clinically and radiologically assessed.

Others were lost either because of their age or because they changed domicile.

We will show either congenital or traumatological disease when located in the same limb. Example: bone cyst of the radius and fracture of the forearm will be shown in the chapter: Upper Limb.

Some cases undergo surgery in different hospitals and were operated by different surgeons. Some where operated in emergency sometimes in very difficult technical conditions (war, car accident, open fractures etc…)

These patients were treated in « second hand » in good technical conditions, either for a lack of consolidation or for a non-union. All lesions were non-infected.