This chapter is written with the aim of introducing women and men who are afflicted with fragile bones, and who have suffered psychologically as well as physically.

We don't fully realize how lucky we are to have two functioning arms and legs. A baby's arms reach for its mother, a young woman's arms toward her beloved, couples exchange rings, adults work, older people lean on their canes…

All of humankind moves, travels, and dreams of remaining autonomous for as long as possible.

But an accident may occur which suddenly shatters this dream, and turns it into a nightmare.

Below are the stories of some of the people who came to ask for help in dealing with their fears, their anxieties or their desperation.

Seeing them smile again, seeing their eyes shine and sparkle with joy again, seeing them laugh without restraint, satisfies us that we have done our duty.

It is thanks to the wonder of nature called coral that surgery often has achieved what some might call "miracles"…


i - A woman living a peaceful retirement

ii - From the delivery room to the orthopedic surgery room

iii - A tennis coach who had given up

iv - A teenager recovers happiness