Curative surgical treatment

Stabilization of the major fracture line : challenge of yesterday

The first aim of a traumatologic surgeon is to stabilize a fracture. That rule is known for centuries. Different technics were found in the first half of the XXth century. Some are still used nowadays, such as Gamma-nail and Nail-Staca plate.

Up till now, none of the traumatologic schools care about the reconstruction of the bone loss which is responsible for osteoporotic femoral neck fracture.

The first use of natural coral in order to rebuilt, in the same time, the container and the content of the osteoporotic femoral neck was done in 1989. A Staca nail-plate was combined with natural biomaterial.

  • Natural coral distribution in the broken femoral neck

  • Broken Hip

    Beads of coral are filled from the greater trochanter (A)
    to the medial pillar (B) up to the lateral cortex (C)

    Natural coral is placed along the major fracture line

    For further information: coral injection technique...

  • Reconstruction of the femoral medial pillar

  • Fracture of the right hip

    Right hip after surgery

  • Reconstruction of the trochanteric posterior plate

  • Lateral view of the broken hip

    Laeral view after surgery

  • Comminutive fracture of the femoral neck

  • Broken hip

    Consolidation in 45 days

    see article
    Y. Cirotteau A physiological approach in stabilization and consolidation of
    unstable femoral neck fracture in osteoporotic elderly patients : A retrospective review
    Eur J Orthop Surg Traumatol (2003) 13 : 145-155

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